Stündenglass: Taking over the world of the hookah industry as a one of a kind gravity-powered water pipe.

Stündenglass has come up with the world’s first gravity-powered contactless water hookah, which has impressed hookah lovers worldwide.

The more we look around ourselves, the more we would find how the world has been experiencing some great developments and changes; some that were predicted by experts across industries and some that have totally surprised the world. It is definitely a great sight to behold, knowing that many talented minds have worked immensely hard behind these developments and have taken over their industries with their brands and products. No one would have imagined the kind of development the hookah industry is seeing right now with the inception of gravity-powered contactless hookah pipes. This is definitely a development to watch out for as people are now experiencing their ‘high’ with contactless water hookah pipe with Stündenglass.

Stündenglass is the idea and inception of an ex-Apple employee named Tracey Huston, who decided to come up with a wild-looking water pipe using kinetic motion, water, and opposing airflow for creating a one of a kind and, most importantly, a contactless experience for hookah lovers and smokers. Tracey Huston brought the unique vision to life by founding Stündenglass to help people experience the new age of smoking without sharing the mouthpiece and still experiencing the kick they desire.

Last year, the brand made more headlines as it got acquired by Grenco Science, which is already well-known for offering vaporizers and ancillary products. Since then, Stündenglass has become a part of their global expansion plan. The brand from the US stands unique, for it offers people a contactless smoking experience without having them to share their mouthpiece with anyone. This is an idea and a concept that has never been thought of by anyone, but Tracey Huston’s grit and passion for taking the hookah industry much forward than before helped the founder to not only create Stündenglass but also help it take over the industry as a unique product.

To know more, follow it on Instagram @studenglass.

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