Gavin Mayo: The young American stock market expert, CEO and educator, helping people gain financial literacy.

His business, Luxury Equities on Discord, takes people nearer their financial goals with the right education.

All around us, we often see people who get drawn towards their goals so much that they make their strong resolve to go ahead and earn it big in whatever they wish to do in life. This madness and the passion that people show most of the times lead them to incredible success, making them well-known names in their respective industries. To make a name in the trading world is quite tough, not just because of its volatility but also of the lack of education in people, not allowing them to excel beyond boundaries in the niche. This is when ace stock market experts and professionals like Gavin Mayo enter the picture.

It is hard to believe that Gavin Mayo is only a 19-year-old youngster from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and still has gone ahead many others, some established names of the industry as well with his business Luxury Equities, getting people nearer a better life, providing them with the best education and financial literacy. Gavin Mayo confesses that since the beginning, the stock market always fascinated him and intended to do something on the same. Gradually, after watching YouTube videos and gaining as much knowledge as possible, he began trading. After the pandemic, he started making a lot of money trading stocks and realized he enjoyed teaching others as well. Hence, he made a TikTok video, where he grew a following of about 250K and then found about Discord, which changed his life forever.

Today, Gavin Mayo runs one of the largest stock Discords worldwide, where he and his team provide members with a bunch of free education and teach financial literacy, emphasizing on stocks. On Discord, they have various chats and voice channels where they educate people about everything relating to financial literacy and offer more than 15 education documents and follow up videos for everything they teach.

In a month, Gavin Mayo with Luxury Equities on Discord has gained more than 50K members and making 6 figures within the first month of their business. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @gavin_mayo.

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