16-year-old Ali Saghi is the founder and CEO of Luxury Equities:

Ali Saghi is a young stock market expert from Los Angeles, California, who has created a special position for himself on social media with a massive number of fan followers across different platforms of social media. He was just 13 when he started his journey to the stock market and after just 3 years he is a master in his field. 

Since childhood, he had the desire to be independent and wished for financial freedom. As a school going boy he thought that learning so many subjects like science history civics geography was just wasting his time. He has always believed that time is precious and we can’t afford to waste it in spending hour after hour just sitting in the classroom listening to stories and learning such things that would not really be useful in your future life. So he then decided to follow his dream and desire. The lockdown was the correct time when he could exactly focus on the stock market and trading in it.

Initially, he was unaware of the ins and outs of the trade. But soon he invested his time to learn the secret of being the best at it. Now that he is quite an expert, he has chosen to share his knowledge on social media. He is self-motivated and has always believed in himself. He was very confident that he could do it much better than his competitor could do. And the passion within him eventually gained him success and fame. Today he runs the world’s biggest stock discord with more than 50000 like-minded members. 

He started as a Tik Tok artist to begin his career and had created a massive following on the social media platform. In this experience as an influencer, he also used on the stock market and gained 350 k followers on TikTok in just 5 months. Very soon he transitioned to discord after working with another big stock discord, where he was promoting and exhibiting their services on the stock market. Realising the potential for stock on the social platform he found Luxury Equities with the help of his best friend Gavin Mayo. They both started their own stock discord called Luxury Equities on which they shared knowledge on stock and stock market-related ideas.

Both these young minds used their social status and platform to promote their offerings and within a month they had more than 50000 members in their discord. The secret behind this massive membership is the unique style of education, approach to the financial techniques and tricks of the stock market. On the discord, they just did not give knowledge but made each and every aspect of the stock market very clean and clear giving information in a very easy way so that like-minded members can understand and gain from it.

Ali Saghi and his friend Gavin Mayo are having a great plan and putting their duo effort to create a website and also an app for Luxury Equities and to make it a huge and famous name in the stock market.

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