Bryce Monkivitch: An Ace entrepreneur, marketer, and CEO!

Taking the e-commerce industry by storm, Bryce Monkivitch is flourishing to garner much recognition and success.

Bryce Monkivitch, the young Australian successful businessman of e-commerce industry has been one prime example to sought and seek about. Today digital media has given platform to numbers of businessman to explore their businesses widely. E-commerce business is now the talk of the town, with tremendous business potential and growth it is one of the booming sectors for this generation. One such young gun has been Bryce Monkivitch, who already has established himself in the digital marketing and business space and have been very successful since he has started. His interest and passion both lied with the ever-growing e-commerce space and online marketing. He has specially carved a unique niche for himself in the sector of digital marketing and online social media applications and enjoys amazing recognition and success today. 

Bryce started his entrepreneurial journey in the year of 2017 when he started selling dog hats online through Facebook and Instagram. After some success he started selling trendy fashion to women, creating an online store on the platform Shopify. Today, Bryce has leap forward into gaining tons and tons of success and recognition for himself. He is now a proud owner of 4 female fashion brands- “Sincere Sally”- which has reached more than USD $1 million annually. Sincere Sally sells a wide spectrum of clothing wear like- women’s fashion, sportswear, swimwear, and accessories. They are currently catering to Australian and US markets. Bryce has also developed a highly advanced app that hires staff from all around the world to help with marketing and business building and provides an opportunity to make money. This app has covered more than 5000 staff members across the globe. 

Bryce has also been a professional MMA fighter back in 2009-2011. In spite of being a successful entrepreneur and been mentioned in Forbes list-2021, Bryce has been a humble boss and have always encouraged and motivated all his staff. He mentions that hiring the right talent in e-commerce space is of utmost importance and providing that talent with good opportunities for growth helps the company in returns. 

Bryce has put his right foot forwards and ticking all the boxes to register himself in the history books of the entrepreneurial world. Hope he continues to inspire millions others on route.

Do follow him on Instagram @Sinceresallyboutique and visit his website  

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