How Karyna Romanova finds inspiration and motivation in her acting, modelling and DJing Career:

Karyna Romanova is a multi-talented woman. She is a DJ, an actor in TV series as well as movies, and a songwriter. The current track that she has been working on has not been released yet and she is going to announce it soon.  She arrived in the United States a few years ago and started to build up her DJing and acting career there. She was completely new to this field so she had to start from scratch.

However, since the past year, Karyna Romanova has grown tremendously. She has managed to socialise with professionals in the industry to build contacts and has succeeded in making important connections. She also bagged her first project which will be revealed to the audience soon. Romanova has been actively focussing on the creation of her music and the tracklist this summer.

Karyna admitted to how making music is actually a very tough process. Thus, contrary to popular belief, being a DJ is not a piece of cake. You need to have proper inspiration and motivation to make music. Moreover, it takes tremendous amounts of time and effort. Creativity is also a key factor. If it’s not creative enough, the audience might not like it. Karyna is very down to earth who finds no shame in seeking advice from already established and talented DJs. On being asked what advice she would like to give her fellow aspiring DJs, she said, “My secret to success has been to never be afraid of challenges and to never quit.”

Before diving into the DJing industry, Karyna was an actor and model. “Take advantage of every opportunity.” She firmly believes in this. According to her, ‘observation’ and ‘practice’ are the two determining factors of an actor. She tries to upgrade her acting skills with each and every role she gets in projects. She believes a strong stage presence is essential to captivate the audience. This includes good body language and a captivating voice. This naturally attracts the attention of the audience due to which you stand out from the rest of your competitors. This definitely leads to popularity and bagging more roles.

Karyna is a very creative person and tries to stay motivated and inspired by events and interesting acquaintances she makes. The adjectives which profoundly describe her personality are creative, positive vibe, and unique self-expression. To date, she has done countless music, filming and photoshoots. Through her work, she desires to inspire and motivate people. She practices gratitude and strives to look for inspiration in every minute detail of her life.

In case, you want to know more about her life and journey, her social media handle is listed below,


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