NOIA NETWORK is the latest side hustle for serial investor Jonathan Kvicky:

The 32 years old Senior Software Engineer, Jonathan Kvicky works at Sony PlayStation in Los Angeles, California. He is a successful investor due to his vast experience and knowledge regarding various blockchain technologies. 

He loves to work hard and with a full-time job, he also does side hustle. A side hustle is an activity that is performed on the side. It is usually to complement one’s main source of income, but it is also used as a personal fulfilment or enjoyment. Recently, within a year, he grew his side investment portfolio from $100k to $1m+. He is passionate about tech start-ups, investing, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship.

In recent times, the economy has gone down. People are doing everything they can to maintain or increase their income and one of the methods is to start a side hustle all ng with you so you can make extra cash. 6 Ways by Jonathan, to make your side hustle grow faster are:

1. Manage Your Time Effectively.

2. Start Working with The Things You Already Have now. Find different strategies to work.

3. Don’t Spend Money Where It Doesn’t You Won’t Get Back profit.

4. Pick and Choose Your Efficiency 

5. Make Achievable Goals 

6. Reinvest in Your Business 

These tips can help you manage your time between your full-time job and your side hustle and make it grow.

Mr Kvicky is extremely excited about the new project – NOIA NETWORK. His biggest investment to date within the crypto space is for the development and future adoption of the NOIA Network. He says that the programmable internet is coming, and NOIA Network is leading the charge to bring the technology to the world. The platform is already being piloted by 20+ partners. The NOIA team is made up of network engineers and advisors who have combined several emerging technologies like Segment Routing, SRv6, Distributed Ledger Technology, and Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP). This is done to cultivate the growth and adoption of a “programmable Internet”.

“I rarely see a company working on a platform/application which ticks all the boxes, but the team members behind NOIA Network are all experts in their respective fields and are set to revolutionize something which 4.5+ billion people use today.”, says Jonathan.

NOIA Network is set to launch both a B2B platform as well as a consumer-facing application – the former having a target date of Q3/Q4 of 2020. At the time of writing, they have 10,000 NOIA nodes globally dispersed and a continually growing number of high-capacity servers.

To know more about the NOIA NETWORK PROJECT, you can visit their website:

For more information, you can also follow Jonathan Kvicky on 


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