Douglas James is changing the face of entrepreneurship:

What image does the word “businessman” paint in your mind? Is it someone big? Making important calls and leading a luxurious life? Well, it is time you change your perspective of what being an entrepreneur or a businessman means, because Douglas James is here to prove all these stereotypes wrong.

Douglas James was initially leading life as a corpsman working for the US Naval Services. He was posted on a humanitarian mission to help impoverished communities across the world. Douglas James spent the better part of his service in Papua New Guinea and learnt a lot from his time there. 

Helping out the deprived communities across the world is not a very easy task, since it requires a person to not just be compassionate but very knowledgeable in nature. Douglas James is the exact person who is qualified to perform such activities, if there is anything that his Navy days have taught him, it is to help out others and assist them into having a better standard of living. When he completed his service in 2015 and decided to have a different career path in life, he still had a similar motive, which was to help out others. although he is well known as an entrepreneur and digital marketer, he performs an exceptional job by training and coaching others.

After the completion of his US Navy service, once he was back home, it occurred to him that he must give try entrepreneurship too. This happened to be one of the best decisions in Douglas James’s life. Very soon he managed to launch his career as a very efficient digital marketer. After a few months in the industry, he soon found himself at a level that was the same as for professionals who had been working for several years. Very soon, he also embarked upon his ambition to keep on helping others, by providing coaching and training services to newcomers in the industry. To date, he has helped over 1500 students to achieve their goals. 

Douglas James is a huge fitness freak, and his dedication to maintaining proper physical and mental health is the secret to functioning efficiently regularly. Without maintaining such factors, he certainly would not have been able to carry out his daily activities so smoothly, he not only performs these activities himself but also promotes others to do so. He is also excellent at maintaining a proper work-life balance and never neglects his wife and children in favour of his work. Truly he is a man who has upheld his personal values and not let earning profits become his entire personality. To know more, follow Douglas James on:

Instagram: @the_douglasjames

Twitter: @Douglas_james_




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