Setting New Standards In The Jewelry Industry: Benny Da Jeweler

The jewellery industry has become increasingly popular these days, and even the community has become very precise in what they demand. This is the reason why just any kind of work is not tolerated, people rely on experts and professionals who have been involved in the jewellery designing and creation industry for a long time now, but where do you find such talented individuals who have been in the industry for years?

Today we must talk about Benny Nisanov, an individual who has been in function and in the business in New York for at least five years now, but that is not his total amount of work experience because, before all this, he was only eight years old when he first started to gain interest in this. Experience is something that people are actually looking for, you obviously would not trust an amateur with a piece of jewellery that has been specially designed for you, and the resources being very scarce, you would not even rely on amateurs. But fear not, because Benny Nisanov is anything but an amateur. If anything, he is more than qualified to take up all the projects that he receives regularly.

To be exact, Benny Nisanov was only eight when he first got to work along with his father, his father also happened to be a jewellery expert. Originally, his parents Bella and Moshe do not belong to New York and are not American natives, in fact, they come from Uzbekistan and Israel. When they first arrive in the year 1988, they were only a middle-class family who was working extremely hard to have a better future. Then came Benny Nisanov, attending the very prestigious and popular forest high school. Since he was deeply invested in the jewellery business, he decided to take up some vocational courses instead of completing his high school because he knew that his area of interest lies there and only training in that is going to help him out in the future.

Very soon he was becoming a popular expert, and his work came to be known among celebrities too. In fact, he is popular for offering a number of a wide range of designs, be it in earrings, rings, chains, watches, or any piece of customers jewellery according to your own demands. So popular is he, not only in New York City but all over the world, that he has come to be known under his alias Benny Da Jeweller! To know more about this talented artisan, follow him on:


Instagram handle: @bennydajeweler


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