Mike Sherrard is revolutionizing the real estate industry- find out how!

Even after several years in the real estate industry, Mike Sherrard, remains an active person, both in his personal life, with an attractive and charming personality which has the ability to draw in the masses as well as in his work life, where he continues to scale new heights every day.  So, what is the secret behind this passion, especially when in today’s world most of the people who are involved in 9 to 5 jobs usually fall out of love with the work they do in a couple years?

But before we delve any deeper into the answer, let us first understand who Mike Sherrard is. For those who haven’t yet heard of his name, Mike is a globally recognised real estate agent, who is globally recognised for his unorthodox and thus interesting approach to being a realtor. Mike Sherrard has translated his other passions and hobbies as a tech savvy person who enjoys using social media like any second individual into his USP. This is why, apart from being a professional agent, Mike is also a social media coach and content creator. By having his own take on the job, Mike Sherrard has changed what it means to be a real estate agent and how to be successful in the industry according to the needs of the current world we live in.

For a very long time now, Mike Sherrard has been saving up a lot from the digital space, and since he gives a great deal of attention on using the social media platforms for the guidance of others, he feels a great deal of pleasure in doing so. He had always wanted to guide as well as educate other agents who are striving to become experts in the real estate agency, but Mike Sherrard does not just provide them the coaching to gain profit. He wants them to become self-reliant and independent agents who provide quality service also. Till date he has personally coached more than 3000 realtors and has helped them understand the different approaches one can take to being a realtor, encouraging them to build their own USP, rather than just doing what the market as a whole is doing.

There is surely a lot to learn from a man who has achieved goals that no one else has ever thought were even available. To know more about Mike Sherrard, follow him on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mike_sherrard/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIZwIF-RyQxQNroTd5AFKNQ

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelsherrard/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikesherrardrealestate

Website: http://www.mikesherrard.com

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