Stepping Up The Recruitment System: Siimee By Rhett Lindsey

Rhett Lindsey very recently has given up his six digit salary job after he has faced this evil system of discrimination during the process of recruitment. He realized that this problem should be eradicated from the large companies as this is depriving job opportunities to those candidates who are more talented and deserve the job.

In order to create Simee, Rhett left the recruiting industry in the month of December of 2020. Siimee increases awareness regarding the inherent problems in recruiting and hiring, developing training programs and focuses on creating a non- biased hiring tool which is used more by the corporation of  U.S. Indeed, it has a special set of people who work in already cooperative manner and follow the brand voice beside the brand values from Lindsey himself. A true leader, and a true ally to people.

Rhett is breaking the barriers of bias in the recruitment market. We can say that he will attract more followers, get love and respect from everyone, owing to not just his talents, but also his contributions to the society.

In fact, Rhett Lindsey has also witnessed this disrupted recruitment and hiring system, not only from the position of an employee, being queer and black himself, but also in the position of the hiring team. He was previously employed at reputable companies such as Tinder, Facebook, Crystal Dynamics, The Walt Disney and even Microsoft. Although all these companies boasted of inclusivity and diversity, behind drawn curtains they used to use systems such as the ATS, which is notorious for discriminating resumes not upon qualifications or work experience, but based on hidden keywords which would deem an applicant “culturally unfit” for working in the company.

Due to his hard work and experience till now in recruiting processes, Rhett has been recognised and been featured nationally by renowned media outlets like The Washington Post, CNBC and CBS News. Getting featured by these platforms and media outlets has increased people’s awareness of his company. Rhett has kept on his battle against bias in the recruitment industry, especially prejudices against people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community has gained the admiration of many. Rhett Lindsey has more than 22.2K followers. Posting about his next steps and daily life in his or in the feed, he manages to reach out to numerous people. 

Make sure you follow him on Instagram as well as his official website to have a deeper insight!



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