Dr Jessica Mack is always up for learning something exciting and new:

Dr Jessica Bretalon Mack is a very talented person who is an Occupational Therapist, certified personal trainer, lifestyle expert, chef, content creator, and food blogger.

Dr Jessica Mack has completed her master science degree in counselling and gained a postgraduate degree in Education Leadership and Policy at Long Island University in Brookville, New York. She also studied at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT and she got a degree in Occupational Therapy. She didn’t stop here, she received her clinical doctoral degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Recently, Jessica completed a culinary program through the Auguste Escoffier school which is famous for culinary Arts. Dr Jessica is a very hard working and consistent person; she wants to expand her knowledge every day no matter what it takes to learn and experience several things. She is always up to take up a new challenge. For more than 20 years, she has worked as an occupational therapist. She always followed her passion, she worked with individuals of all ages and abilities. 

Dr Jessica faced problems in her journey, due to her illness, she was not able to participate in many important roles in her life which is why she got retired at a very young age and she couldn’t practice as a therapist. As mentioned above, Dr Jessica doesn’t sit back and cry over her fate, she always fights back and finds ways to keep herself moving. Dr Jessica began with learning about food photography, food preparation and making beautiful recipes. 

Due to her efforts, she has been on radio shows like Long Island’s Oldest radio, WGBB, and Sirius/XM’s The Doctors Show. She also took part by writing and publishing many articles on Dr Oz’s blog and sharexare.org website.

Dr Jessica Mack was also in the Emmy award-winning daytime show, The Dr Oz Show and The Katie Couric Show and is a frequent guest on the Lifestyle Today Show.

Jessica Mack advises people to never let go of an opportunity where they can experience something new and expand their knowledge. Try something different always and follow your dreams until and unless you achieve them.

To know more about Dr Jessica Bretalon Mack and to stay updated about her future ventures, of which there will surely be many, do follow her on the social media outlets (links are mentioned below):

Instagram: @drjessicamack @morethanmeatlessmonday

Twitter: @morethanmeatle1

Website: http://www.morethanmeatlessmonday.com  

Virtual cooking classes: https://www.airsubs.com/pros/jessica-mack

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