A city like Chicago which is located at the shores of Lake Michigan is America’s third most populated city which comes to the forefront of any discussion about the best American cities for nightlife. It has some of the best restaurants and clubs. The city attracts thousands of tourists who come to enjoy the glory of Chicago. It serves a spectacular variety of activities that you can enjoy at night. 

Meet Josh Brusilovsky, one of the people behind successful nights at nightclubs in Chicago. Josh Bru, as he is popularly known, spent the last four years booking artists throughout different nightlife venues across Chicago and other cities in the U.S.

He has booked numerous celebrities including the legendary DJ Khaled, Migos, Jack Hallow, Playboy Carti, 24KGoldn, Blueface, Shoreline Mafia, Travis Scott, and Saweetie.

He came to Chicago to study business at DePaul University and eventually began promotions for smaller nightlife venues as a side hustle. In a couple of years, he had elevated his game to owning an entertainment company. He established a decent run and before the pandemic, was employing over a dozen promoters. Their main task was to market his events throughout colleges in Chicago while selling tickets.

Talking more about his profession and what he does more vividly, Josh Brusilovsky explains that “artist bookings” are for after shows and after-parties where Bru creates a separate event from the original performance the artist was hired to do. He partners with a venue, typically a nightclub or concert hall, attracts attendees/patrons by running a full-scale promotional campaign throughout Chicago (this is done by the promoters working for Bru, typically a social media campaign including giveaways, prizes etc. This uses Many different promotional techniques that are meant to drive ticket sales and foot traffic.) He attracts bottle service clients by referencing his long Rolodex of previously existing clientele established over the years, and finally, booking the talent, the most expensive and critical part.

Eventually growing and learning, Josh is showing interest in artist management and A&R. He wants to work more hands-on with artists. He is intending to utilize the connections he has made over the past years and apply that to the management role to further his artists’ careers. And as popularly said, a good manager should keep the gigs flowing while positively impacting the artist’s brand. This is precisely what Josh promises to deliver.

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