Sobia Shaikh- influencing people from all over the world:

Not every influencer is capable of being regarded as the perfect role model or ideal individual since they themselves lack a lot of qualities to influence others positively, in almost all fields in life. How we welcome and there will always be one or two individuals who will stand out from others and prove themselves, not by just being the perfect individual that they are, but also putting in efforts to share what their flaws are and how they have been able to overcome these flaws. Obviously, there will always be one thing or the other that society will disagree with, and disregard. Especially in the present times, there has been a lot of opinions about various aspects of life in general, and some influencers have really weighed in to provide their useful contributions to such matters.

One such individual happens to be Sobia A Shaikh, a well-known influencer who has stood against gender discrimination as soon as she was aware of it. Sobia is a woman of several merits. She has a bachelors degree in the fine arts of advertising and after initially pursuing a career as a model and then later on as an entrepreneur in a similar industry, Sobia has now moved on to being a fashionista, lifestyle blogger, content creator and gender rights and discrimination activist. 

Sobia A Shaikh has always had a very strong personality, Because of which she is also popularly regarded as a true trendsetter. a lot of people usually tend to follow the trend that goes around, but only if you manage to be the influences and not the influenced. Her strong points are a unique sense of style, cultural knowledge, her ability to express herself in a unique manner and her ideologies on society and life. Apart from this, she has also travelled for a great deal to attend fashion weeks and to learn more about they do things that she is yet to discover, quite a curious person we can say. After all, and listen until we are curious, we won’t be able to learn and absorb things. From attending Fashion Week in Paris and New York to travelling the world, we know a true influencer when we see it.

Check out Sobia A Shaikh’s Website: and know about her perspectives on different topics.

To stay updated about Sobia A Shaikh, follow her on the social media platforms mentioned below with links: 

Instagram: sobiashaikh

Facebook: Sobia A. Shaikh/Shaikhenandstirred

Twitter: sobia_a_shaikh

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