Bilal Junaid is making waves in Silicon Valley with his firm Genblock Capital:

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley is known to cater for some of the largest start-up companies in the tech world. The area is globally known for the many tech giants established and headquartered there, among them Google, Netflix, and Facebook. To date, Silicon Valley continues to have an upper hand in the technology world with its high-tech innovations and advancements. It is also home to some of the highest-paying tech jobs in the world, attracting the best brains from all over the world. It is the success of the numerous tech companies that attract others to this money generating region. Bilal Junaid is one of the many venture capitalists making investments in Silicon Valley.

Bilal started the early stage of his career, while he was still in college. He worked with Amazon Web Services when he was studying in the college and distributed in systems. After that, he started working with the Series A Accel Venture Capital. Bilal has never been ideal in his life wherever and whenever he gets time, he likes to plan out his next stage, as he knows time is precious. Bilal wanted to focus on himself as an investor as well as an entrepreneur in the world of technology, given his area of comfort. In the beginning, he started as a Software Engineer and then struggled to work to enter the elite team of top-class investors in San Francisco. However, pushing on he soon launched his own venture capital and investing firm by the name of Genblock Capital.

Bilal comes from a middle-class family who has no background in business. He was the first member of his family, who made a huge name for him in the business Industry. His family and millions of other aspiring Entrepreneurs are extremely proud of his accomplishments. Genblock Capital has invested over 30 million dollars in many tech companies globally. “When it comes to investing, it’s all about just taking the first step. With the right guidance, smart money moves are possible.”, says Bilal.

There is definitely a lot more with which you can learn about Bilal Junaid and his fund Genblock Capital. If you want to take a peek into Bilal Junaid’s personal life and his achievements in the Valley you can follow him on the link given below:


If you want to know more about the work that Genblock Capital does and wish to see more updates check them out on:





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