With a keen eye for marketing her brand and diversifying her streams of income, Bonnie has found a way to stand out in a highly saturated market. Introducing Bonnie Locket, an ambitious woman who is making her own way through success. She is an example of a self-created and empowered woman. Professionally, she is a 33-year-old, incredibly talented and beautiful OnlyFans model who is at the top of her trade at 0.01% of the creators on OnlyFans worldwide. She presently stays in Surrey but she is originally from Lincolnshire. Bonnie began an OnlyFans account in mid-March 2020, and earned over $400k in just eight months, putting herself in the top 0.06% of creators worldwide within not even a year since opening her account on the platform. She holds power in herself and shows no sign of taking her foot off the gas. As of now, Bonnie has over 80k followers on Instagram and has already accumulated more than 2 million ardent fans on her TikTok account.

As in all other artists, there have been many ups and downs in her time in business so far but Bonnie Locket has faced and overcome all of them with patience and grace. One big obstacle has been internet trolls. “There are some pretty nasty keyboard warriors out there,” she says. To persevere through the vile, objectifying comments, Bonnie had to “get a thicker skin” pretty quickly. The anxiety from bullying subsides over time because of the support Bonnie has found in the internet community.

She believes in her own self, thereby she quotes, “It’s simple- be true to yourself. Confidence, determination, and doing what is right for you (not anyone else) are the keys to making it as an influencer and successful model.”

She is grateful to be able to work from home or other places around the world and is able to do what she wants. To Bonnie, having the support of her friends, family, pets and fans are crucial in keeping her going. “I don’t know where I’d be without my sweet dogs,” she says with a generous heart. When it comes to giving advice to others starting out in the business, Bonnie’s advice is though short and sweet but also beneficial.

Bonnie Locket is on her way to becoming the next big internet sensation. She has already bewitched many with her charms and talents and if you’d like to be next on that ever-expanding list of ardent followers, check her out on her:





YouTube (Sidemen Sunday)-

Reddit (18+)-



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