Intense Emotions evoked through bold yet minimal art, by abstract artist Alexandra Squire:

One of the key ways of enjoying a piece of art is to make use of all the senses. Alexandra Squire, an abstract painter and resin artist from Maryland DC, takes her paintings to the next level by incorporating multiple elements that help the perceiver of the art make use of all the senses. She herself states that “I intentionally focus on all five senses when I create, giving viewers opportunities to consider the work from multiple perspectives” This creates an enlivening and enriching experience for the receiver.  She makes sure to use harmonious composition techniques in all her paintings to arouse a sense of stability amidst the chaos. Her paintings are metaphorical. Her paintings can be interpreted differently by different people. 

People see her paintings as a reflection of their daily lives. Everyone finds some of the other elements attractive or relatable to their everyday emotions in real life. Alexandra Squire’s paintings have a unique appealing factor to them. Her paintings tell us stories about simplicity. Her paintings are immersive and thoughtful. Collectors are always on a hunt for unique paintings, and Alexandra’s paintings can evoke intense emotions and have an impact.  

Alexandra Squire’s art fits into all these requirements and even beyond that as well. Her paintings get sold out pretty often since they are launched. Therefore, art collectors, art museum curators and individual buyers are always ready on their feet to grab her paintings. She also provides attractive discounts now and then which are just awesome for regular art buyers. Her fans have loved all her paintings and have raved about them on their social media platforms as well. 

“I am also a normal person who followed my gut and changed my path in life. I left behind my career in the media to follow something scary and far more fulfilling. I think people can identify with that. It wasn’t easy as a mom of young children to establish a brand-new career in the midst of figuring out who I was in my new role, but it was vital to my sanity and happiness. My art is another pillar of who I am.” says Alexandra.

Alexandra still has a lot more talent to express and many parts of her individuality she wishes to explore through art. If you want to know more about Alexandra Squire and her fine artwork you can check out her social media handle (link down below)



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