Mikey Tanha’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur:

Mikey Tanha is the CEO and co-founder of Noble 33, an uprising lifestyle hospitality company. His previous achievements include building The Madera Group, which is presently one of the most successful restaurant companies. He did it along with Tosh who is also one of the co-founders of Noble 33. Together, they have constructed around 22 restaurants to date! More specifically, they built eighteen Tocayas, one Madera at the Treehouse, two Toca Maderas, and one cafe Fig at Hotel Figueroa. It all happened within a short span of five years during which they managed to turn their revenue into $100m annually. 

Mikey managed his two flourishing companies The Madera Group and Tocaya and supervised around 1.2k employees. Thus, it projects his immense leadership skills which is a vital trait required in business. Mikey Tanha was originally born in Iran. However, his parents fled along with him when he was merely two years old. It happened during the time of the revolution. Mikey is forever indebted to his parents for this sacrifice as it secured his future. Speaking of his educational background, Mikey was a bright student. He believed that he needed to perform the best in all of his undertakings. He was the valedictorian of his high school and got into UCLA, where he was among the highest scorers. 

Mikey Tanha’s transformation from an ordinary boy to a successful entrepreneur is truly inspiring. However, he didn’t have to do it all alone. He had his friend and now, business partner to help him launch himself in the hospitality and lifestyle industry. “Tosh Berman is the perfect business partner.  While we have a lot of the same strengths, we complement each other very well.  He is more of an expert on the creative side of the business (i.e., design and menu creation) while I excel more on the business side (deal structuring, business planning, management).  Together we make an unstoppable duo”, added Mikey. Besides him, they assembled the best team for their business without whom, their company would not have managed to scale this high. 

Moreover, hard work and patience are also crucial for success as per him. Mikey does not take no for an answer. He would try his level best to complete any pending work even if it requires sacrificing his sleep and social life. In fact, he is such a workaholic that he would sometimes surpass fourteen hours a day at work. Mikey Tanha is truly inspirational. 

In case you wish to know about Mikey Tanha and his company, connect with him below: 

Instagram: @mikeythegoat

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltanha

Website: http://www.Noble33.com

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