Radio One DC offers “The Clean & Dirty Podcast” with top hip-hop artists.

District Breakers, a group of the top three clubs and Radio Mixshow DJs, has announced that Radio One would host the Clean and Dirty Podcast. Fans may join the podcast and listen to some hip-greatest hop musicians and nightlife’s most influential figures.

“We hope you’ll join us on WKYS (93.9 FM) for our Clean and Dirty Podcast,” said a representative for District Breakers. “Join us with some of the greatest hip-hop musicians and the most lighted nightlife influencers. We’ll talk about the latest music industry trends and news while navigating the nightlife.”

Podcasts like this are a great way to stay on top of the latest music business trends and news. The representative said there would be new episodes every Thursday.

DMV radio Mixshow DJs outside of the top three clubs, including DJ Jo Iyce, DJ Schemes, and DJ 5’9. Breakers host their mix shows on WKYS (93.9 FM).

In this episode, DJ Jo’Iyce, DJ Schemes, and DJ 5’9 get down with Kirt Floyd (NightLife 101) to speak about how he got started, the reality of the promotion industry, and the keys to making club agreements.

The first few episodes were downloaded and subscribed to at a record pace.

The podcast – I’m fascinated with a stripper featured a top stripper from Stadium Night Club. She talked about how her gang made a million dollars in Miami but only had $1200 when they got home.

The March 10 edition of Money Talks or the Club Promoter Walks features Kirt Floyd of Night Life. They talk about getting bargains at nightclubs and how to market their businesses.

Bottle girls and bartenders were the focus of an episode that aired on March 17. They spoke up to DJ Jo’lyce, 5’9, and DJ Schemes about the difficulties of working with celebrities, including the frequent attention they received from men.

On the May 24 podcast, the DJs talk about their journey, the difficulties they’ve experienced, and how they’ve used their money and fame to invest in new chances. This episode also provides DJs with useful advice on advertising themselves.

The latest edition of the Hot Fire Topics podcast tackled some of the most hotly debated issues in Black America, including the Will Smith Oscar controversy, Cardi B, the Grammy Awards, and Kayne.

Traciey Maria’s latest House Mom and Phat Rabbit episode featured conversations between Traciey Maria and Phat. They chatted about how to be a successful mother and stripper.

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District Breakers:

DJ Jo Iyce, DJ Schemes, and DJ 5’9 are all part of District Breakers, a group of the best DJs in the DMV. On WKYS, each of the Breakers has their mix show (93.9 FM). Join us and some of the hip-top hop’s musicians and nightlife influencers as we explore the latest music industry developments and news while navigating the ins and outs of the nightlife.

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